Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Exams are over……. for now

I wouldn't call myself a tiger mom but I think I kind of am one. Im a modern tiger mom. I'm selective in things I wanna be strict about. Some things I just dont care but when it comes to school, I feel like it is my responsibility to make sure she does well. Also, I see a lot of potential in my daughter. She really reminds me of myself. She is super smart. I was super smart too but my mum was also super busy. My daughter is lucky because she gets to have me to breathe down her neck and make sure she does all her work. Or maybe she's unlucky? I dont know. We'll ask her when she's 21!

Her school is one crazy school. They have exams all the freaking time which is starting to stress me out a lot. Everything is also getting tougher in school and in some subjects, like Maths, she is struggling. Mind you, she's not even 6 yet and they're already doing multiplications, divisions and whatever else which I dont remember doing until I was in standard 2. In my time, standard 2 is 8 years old, btw so for a 6 year old, to do 8 years old kind work is tough. But this "moder" tiger mum won't let her give up. I push her as much as she can take (luckily I know when to stop, I'm not that nuts!) and then I tell her to do her best and pray to God she will pass with flying colours. Alhamdulillah, the formula is working for her.But, I am stressed out, yo!!!!!

Last couple of weeks was tough. They had their topical tests and every day we have to study different thing. We have a routine whereby we study but we get playtime and take a break when we are tired. I actually have to stay up late to prepare what I want to go through with her the next day. Like a teacher!!! I sometimes stay up late to prepare mock papers for her to do. Alhamdulillah I have my tiger mom gang. 3 of us will exchange papers and get our girls to do them. It is awesome because my daughter will always want to do things when she knows her friends are doing it to. "Can you do this paper, Aunty XXX did this paper for you and wants to see if you can do it" Quickly, she will do it and that's how we revise this time around.

So this week, she completed all her exams. Woohoo!!! Mummy can have a short break. They have concert practice all month this month. Next month, we will have the final exams. More exams!!!! I better prepare myself for that. Until then…..

Hurray!!! Exam is over…. Mummy can enjoy Ramadhan in peace.

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